GE Distribution Transformer Manual GET-2485

Barringer & Associates Ltd. is the distributing agency for General Electric’s GET-2485T GE Distribution Transformer Manual for linemen. The pocket reference contains 110 pages in a 4 1/4" X 8" wire-bound format. The price of $17.50 per copy includes UPS ground shipping. Manual topics include: Ratings and Applications; Connection Diagrams; Loading of Transformers; Protection of Transformers; Useful Reference Tables.

GET-2485T may be ordered in any quantity. Orders for fewer than 25 copies must be prepaid with a check made payable to General Electric. Orders for 25 copies or more will be billed by General Electric, if accompanied by a purchase order or ordered on company letterhead.

Barringer & Associates also has a limited number of General Electric’s GET-2J Transformer Connections,
a 134-page manual in a 6" X 9" paperback format. The publication price of $22 per copy includes UPS ground
shipping. Manual topics include: Polarity, Phase Rotation and Voltage Diagrams; Transformer Connections;
Transformer Taps; Autotransformer Connections; Voltage Stress in Autotransformers in Y-Connection.

You may mail your orders to us at:
Barringer & Associates Ltd.
P.O. Box 1574
Hickory, NC 28603

Or they may be faxed to 828.327.8440. Each order must include a UPS-shippable address.

If you have questions, please contact Barringer & Associates at 828.322.5550 or
You can also contact us through our Web site at